Sunday, February 01, 2009

Happy New Year Blah Blah Blah

After a long break, I have decided to resume my intermittent blogging. I know that it has been some time, and that many of you may have moved on to more regular and more exciting blogs, but nevertheless, I still have the urge to vent.

So I hope that you have all had a good Christmas, Hannukah, New Year, and New Year.

Part of the reason that I have been quiet is that I now find myself on both sides of the fence. All of a sudden, I have been planted inside a palace of power, a domain of dominance... an institution of influence. But enough of the alliterations. I have frequently complained about the powers that be - now even though I may be a speck or a fly on the wall I can see some of the machinations that lead to my complaints, and I am not impressed.

Partly I am not impressed by how bureaucratic and slow large organisations work. Partly I am not impressed with my own lack of enthusiasm at changing any of this. Nominally I may attend a committee that can change things. But I realise now how competing interests dilute progress. And I also see how committees have to justify their own existence.

So I am conflicted - I have better things to do with my time, but I still want to be on the inside, looking for an opportunity to improve things, even a little. Perhaps I am merely a pawn being played by others, but it means that I must be even more careful about what I write and blog about, lest I inadvertently divulge state secrets, or even worse my identity.

And so I leave you with two little tidbits for today:

1. This blog has been nominated for the Inaugural Australian Medical Blog Awards set up by DrCris at AppleQuack and Scalpel's Edge. If you think I deserve it, vote for me. Otherwise feel free to nominate another Australian Medical Blogger, like The Girl.

2. A fascinating piece from The SMH on the fraudsters allegedly dodgy dealings at Advanced Medical Institute. You may recall that these are the group that run are associated with the Heart Check group from my post here and here:

  • Authorities launch investigations into sex ads company - The Sydney Morning Herald
    (Click to Expand)

  • Why erectile dysfunction client wanted his cash back - The Sydney Morning Herald
    (Click to Expand)

  • From Siberian gulag to 'this beautiful country' - The Sydney Morning Herald
    (Click to Expand)


The Girl said...

Thanks for the mention!

It is good to see you back. I had a big break from blogging at the end of last year, too, and I feel much fresher because of it.

Good luck with the nomination. It looks like a bit of fun.

Anonymous said...
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Sheepish said...

Bloody comment spammers. Shame on you, drnandita. Go sell Viagra on your own blog.

Anonymous said...
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