Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Haneef on 4 Corners

I have previously given my opinions on the treatment of Dr Mohammed Haneef.

Tonight's 4 Corners program on the ABC has given a good summary of the situation so far.

The Flash Video version is here. Also available is some background reading from 4 Corners as well as the program transcript


RF said...

Hi Sheepish,

I love your blog, please keep up the great work.

I notice that Gasboy's blog has been shut down by Blogger for violation of the terms of service. Do you know why? I'm curious.

I know that he blogged about real patients (you could find identical patients on the news and in the papers) but surely that wouldn't have led to a Blogger shutdown?

It's not my business, perhaps, but I'm curious to know what line Alan's crossed this time!

Sheepish said...

I just checked his website here at My ETHEReal Adventures and it looks like it has been hijacked by someone and is hosting a whole bunch of advertisements - likely links to malware or spyware.

If you can successfully load his page I suggest you don't click on any links until it returns to normal.