Thursday, June 01, 2006

Time goes quickly when you're having fun

Backwards Clock
Backwards Clock,
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Dr Flea was recently concerned that down-under surgeons have too much time on their hands. I must point out otherwise. Just because clocks run backwards here (I'd say counter-clockwise, but if all clocks ran counter-clockwise, then does that mean than clocks that run clockwise are running backwards and not forwards?) does not mean that they run any slower, or faster, or... you know what I mean.

The only exception is once a day when we are approximately one-Earth's diameter closer to the sun, because the sun's gravitational field is infinitesimally stronger and therefore time does in fact slow down compared to the other side of the world. Though we probably make up for it about 12 hours later. Or sooner. Whatever.

The point is that I have been very, very busy, and will hopefully have more time on my hands soon to work on my Probability of Malpractice Suit Monitor. The problem at the moment is the incessant beeping. I must recalibrate it... it never seems to fall below 5%.

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