Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Surgical Principles of Bongi

This is a series of entertaining and very true posts from Bongi over at Other Things Amanzi:

  1. to swear does in fact help.
  2. fear nothing but fear itself.
  3. all bleeding stops.
  4. enjoy.
  5. it is in fact always the surgeon's fault.
  6. take a moment.
  7. break the tension, don't add to it.
  8. we do it to impress the chicks.

Clearly Bongi is more successful at impressing chicks because when I did what he did they all went off for debriefing and counselling.


Bongi said...

thanks for the links.

Butters said...

Lol sheepish, funny I just saw Bongi's amusing post, and the next minute, they're up here as well :)