Saturday, September 01, 2007

House, Go Home

I made the terrible mistake of watching House on television recently. I think that my brain is starting to turn to mush.

Apart from the fact that he and his staff are somehow capable of performing and administering any and every test and procedure in the hospital, feel that they have the right to invade and inspect patients' homes at will, and have no qualms at talking patients into experimental and dangerous therapies that have little likelihood of doing them any benefit - they seem incapable of taking an adequate history, performing a physical examination, or ordering investigations appropriately or safely.

The plot tries to account for this by placing him in a Department of Diagnostic Medicine that handles all the difficult cases - but many of his cases are far from difficult, or are completely contrived. He and his team are just incompetent.

I better stop watching before I become as incompetent as he is.


Lis said...

did u see the piece on Fox News how "House is real?"

after watching it, i think a part of me died a little on the inside, knowing that there are people out there that research shows like House and then write books about it...

The Girl said...

I "loved" the recent episode where the mystery diagnosis was . . . haemochromatosis!

Those guys are AMAZING!

Sheepish said...

Lis: That video clip is just shameful. The reporter is not researching whether House is medically accurate, he is just working backward to see what the case ideas were based on originally.