Sunday, June 10, 2007

Where is everyone?

All of a sudden everyone has gone private... It started with BB when she was outed, as was Dr Flea, but now Dr Dork and Tea at Ten have gone subscription only.

Perhaps it is in bad taste, but medical bloggers seem to be dropping like... Fleas.

Obviously there are times and authors who overstep their boundaries, but I think it is sad that they cause other bloggers to become so afraid of the consequences of what they say that they have to restrict readership. Perhaps we should just learn to think twice about what we write. Surely it is common sense to publish your opinions only if and when you are prepared to stand by them, outed or anonymous?

If nothing else, I think that this will only limit the range of discussion and variety of opinion, and encourages inbred opinions and closed minds.

Of course we like comments from people who agree with us, but part of the whole point of blogging is to broadcast to, and then in turn listen to those who don't agree with us.

Call me stubborn, but I won't succumb to this trend. At least not easily. Let's see how long I last.


The Shrink said...

Agreed, a very worrying trend.

Although some like The Fat Doctor have stopped blogging then started afresh, after she got harassed. Shiny Happy Person too. It is heartening to see that meanies aren't grinding folk down all the itme!

Sheepish said...

I don't think that what The Fat Doctor and Shiny Happy Person count as starting afresh... they've really just taken a break.

Gasman has also gone quiet... perhaps he has nothing to write about any more. Or has realised that his photos are a bit too identifiable.

Anonymous said...

Hi-ho Sheepish!

It's a worry, but interestingly there is a new and apparently fearless Australian Gasman on the scene in 2007. Injured people he describes treating can be cross referenced with national and local newspapers using the dates he posts on. The paramedical personnel he has had relations with with are not quite as easily identified.

Presumably not everyone is seriously contemplating the consequences of being outed.