Sunday, February 12, 2006

Welcome to The Paper Mask.

I always wondered why people write blogs - why would you go to the trouble of telling the world about all of your mundane little trivialities? Does anybody care? My personal opinion is that it is merely a way to say all of those things that the normal inhibitions of daily life prevent you from doing because you don't want to take responsibility of what comes out of your mouth. You know, all those day-to-day comments like: Did you fart? Those breasts must be fake. George Bush seems like a nice guy. (You get the drift.)

Anyway, I think that the Blog or Weblog must be a way to establish an identity purely on what you say on the blog, not where you live, what you do, what you look like. And if you are embarrassed by what you have said, you just close up shop and move to a new blog. Not, of course, that I am intending to do that.

So what do I have to blog about? Well, not much at the moment, but I am sure that it will come to me. It's inevitable that little details will leak out about who I am or what I do, but there is no need to hurry any of that along.

On the subject of Paper Masks, however, I did notice something rather odd the other day. One of the hospitals I work at uses Kimberly Clark face masks in the operating theatre. My personal preference is the orange ones, and I hate it when they only come with the big clear plastic shield - I have to carefully rip it off without damaging the rest. So as I was scrubbing, I noticed that the boxes come with this notice on them: “The COLOR ORANGE is a Registered Trademark of Kimberly-Clark Worldwide”.

Now perhaps I'm alone on this one, but I find it rather odd that a company can trademark a colour, or even the phrase “COLOR ORANGE”. Does this mean I now have to pay fees to KC because I've put it up 3 times on a blog? How bizarre!

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